Meet Sandra, The Newest Member of Curfew.

May 15, 2017

Sandra is from Barcelona, one of the leading cities in design, art and trends.

She majored in Graphic Design at the ESDI School of Design. While living in London she discovered her passion for packaging and received a post graduate degree in packaging at BAU Design College back home in Barcelona.

For her, design starts with thinking and experimenting before translating those conceptual thoughts into a graphic language that is appealing.

She focuses on neutral colours, natural textures, fine lines, negative spaces, minimalism and sophistication.

“I love simplicity, minimalism and clarity. It often leads to good design. But sometimes I rebel with wild and colorful design.”

She has worked as a graphic designer since 2009 in a number of local studios and has experience working with brands such as Zara. She has worked extensively in branding, editorial design, packaging and web design.

She considers herself an enthusiastic and hard working person. She is a perfectionist with a strong desire to be a lifelong learner.

Sandra enjoys good cuisine and good wine with good company. She's passionate about photography, art, theatre, dance, and travelling. Oh, and she loves eating Nutella!

We are very lucky to have her :)