We are a happy team of creatives and we love what we do.

Josh Krajina Creative Director / Founder

Josh first broke curfew way back in grade 7. He told Mum and Dad he was watching The Goonies at Cam’s house, but in reality he and friends were out lighting firecrackers to impress girls. Getting in late that night resulted in no Who's the Boss for a week and limited access to MacPaint on the family’s Apple computer. Josh is the founder of Curfew Creative and a graduate of The University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business and Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Katie Fenn Copywriter

Katie only ran into trouble meeting her curfew in the late 1990s. It was at this time that she fell in love, started trusting her friends more than her parents and perfected the art of slipping home through the sliding glass door at the back of the house because it made less noise than the front door. While studying Art History and semiotics at The University of British Columbia, Katie evolved from wearing acid washed jeans to more polished denim and developed a strong sense of how iconography informs modern identity design. She writes copy at Curfew.

Sandra Llopart Graphic Designer

Sandra is a graphic designer from Barcelona. She has majored in Graphic Design at ESDI School of Design and she also has done a postgraduate degree in packaging at BAU Design College. She is a design lover in all disciplines. For her design starts with thinking and experimenting before translating those conceptual thoughts into a graphic language. She loves simplicity, minimalism and neutral palettes but sometimes she likes breaking this with colourful designs. Sandra is a perfectionist with a strong desire to be a lifelong learner. She is passionate about photography, art, threatre, dance, travelling and learning new places, people and cultures.

Maeby Lead Napper

Maeby is in charge of office morale, corporate culture and makes everyone feel great on a ruff day. Eager to learn new tricks, she's developed strategies for maximizing treats as well as perfected a new version of the power nap called Aircoma.

Job Opportunity Web Developer

We are looking for a web developer that has experience in programming Wordpress, javascript, HTML, CSS3, with a strong understanding of interactive design. Ideally you want to work with leading edge technologies and code with design and creativity at the core. If this is you send your CV and portfolio to .

Three things to know about us:

Curfew Creative is based in Vancouver's Mount Pleasant, conveniently located near no fewer than 3 doughnut shops.

We are experts in design and branding with meticulous attention to detail. We're not creative prima donna's. We are problem solvers and communication professionals.

As a small shop, we fully commit ourselves to each client and project. This means you get the creative attention you deserve. And we’re friendly, so we'll work great together.